Various Music Publishing Contracts

  1. Single Song Agreement – Single song agreements are agreements that deal with specific compositions between the composer/producer and the publisher/label with respect to the rights over the composition. The services provided in these agreements are promotion, licensing, and distribution to name a few.
  2. Exclusive Song Writer Agreement – Exclusive Song Writer Agreements are generally reserved for “in house” or staff writers paid by the publisher. Works are usually seen as “works for hire” and exclusive rights to the compositions/works are granted to the publisher which generally includes the full share of the publisher’s income.
  3. Co-Publishing Agreement – Co-Publishing Agreements are used to create a contractual relationship between the publishing company and the writer to acquire some or all of the copyrights to the composition. The publisher’s rights to exploit the acquired songs and income splits are set forth within this Agreement.
  4. Administration Agreement – The Administration Agreement involves the writer of the composition to license their works to the publisher for a fixed term and negotiate a certain share of the royalties. Generally, the writer in this agreement keeps full ownership of the copyright, however the publisher will take on the responsibilities of exploiting and managing the collection of fees with respect to the works agreed upon.
  5. Collection Agreement – The Collection Agreement involves the publisher only collecting and distributing royalties outlined in the agreement. Unlike the Administration Agreement, this agreement generally doesn’t require the publishing company to do any promotion or exploitation of the works.
  6. Music Purchase Agreement – The Music Purchase Agreement is necessary when a publisher seeks to acquire compositions in whole or part the catalog of another publisher for the future value of the songs.
  7. Sub-Publishing Agreement – Sub-Publishing Agreements are necessary and used when publishers use foreign publishers to assist in promoting compositions in foreign countries. This agreement does not involve a transfer of ownership, only an agreement to promote and collect fees with respect to the specific compositions agreed upon.



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