Types of Music Royalties

Music licenses and royalties generally fall into the four categories outlined below: Performance rights Royalties – These rights deal with live performances or broadcasts. The licensee pays a set fee to a PRO and is generally able to play the entire collection (or in some instances and individual property) covered.… Continue reading

Various Music Publishing Contracts

Single Song Agreement – Single song agreements are agreements that deal with specific compositions between the composer/producer and the publisher/label with respect to the rights over the composition. The services provided in these agreements are promotion, licensing, and distribution to name a few. Exclusive Song Writer Agreement – Exclusive Song… Continue reading

5 Differences between Canadian and U.S. Trademark Applications

No Classes – The Canadian application procedure does not use a classification system like the U.S. procedure does. Without the class system, an unlimited number of goods and services may be included in a single Canadian application without additional fees. The Madrid Protocol – Canada is not a member of… Continue reading

Dr. Maya Angelou: Miss Calypso Reimagined

“Maya Reimagined” is an educational based multidisciplinary project (including students, faculty and practitioners). Working with Dr. Angelou’s grandson son Elliot Jones and Thamiah Tutt, Director of the foundation and Attorney Zamani Thomas. The project is centered around Dr. Angelou’s personal art collection. Using the art collection as the basis for… Continue reading