Initial Consultation

Zamani Thomas P.A. offers free initial consultations via phone call or electronic mail. After the consultation, the Firm will advise you of the potential estimated retainer and/or fee for our services.

Flat Fees

Zamani Thomas P.A. generally uses a flat fee basis when dealing with contract review and drafting matters, copyright and trademark registrations, business formation as well as other structured filing matters.

Retainers and Hourly Rates

In the event that a flat fee cannot be determined or you choose to work with Zamani Thomas P.A. on an hourly basis, The Firm will assess your billing needs and arrange a reasonable retainer fee for you. Retainers are a sum of money clients pay before the start of work. (Note: A typical retainer for a musician/musical group is $1,500 and a production company is $2,000.) The firm will hold such retainer in trust for the client and subtract the Firm’s hourly fees and costs from such retainer fee. Legal research and contract negotiation are generally billed at the Firm’s hourly rate.

Deferred or Contingency Billing

Depending on the type of representation Zamani Thomas P.A. engages in with a client, it may be prudent for the Firm and client to agree to a contingency or percentage basis fee structure.

Online Payments may be conveniently paid here.


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