Types of Music Royalties

Music licenses and royalties generally fall into the four categories outlined below: Performance rights Royalties – These rights deal with live performances or broadcasts. The licensee pays a set fee to a PRO and is generally able to play the entire collection (or in some instances and individual property) covered.… Continue reading

Various Music Publishing Contracts

Single Song Agreement – Single song agreements are agreements that deal with specific compositions between the composer/producer and the publisher/label with respect to the rights over the composition. The services provided in these agreements are promotion, licensing, and distribution to name a few. Exclusive Song Writer Agreement – Exclusive Song… Continue reading

5 Differences between Canadian and U.S. Trademark Applications

No Classes – The Canadian application procedure does not use a classification system like the U.S. procedure does. Without the class system, an unlimited number of goods and services may be included in a single Canadian application without additional fees. The Madrid Protocol – Canada is not a member of… Continue reading